Meeting Minutes

New England Region 19 800 MHz

Technical Advisory Committee Meeting


  Tuesday, December 12, 2017


                                         Putney Volunteer Fire Department

     14 Main Street

     Putney VT 05346



Mr. Jerry Zarwanski of CT chaired the meeting.  The meeting was opened at 11:35AM.  An agenda and minutes to the previous meeting were emailed to all committee members prior to the meeting and copies were also available for those attending the meeting.


Chairman Zarwanski noted that a Quorum of committee members was present.


Members are allowed to call in to the meeting via a telephone conference bridge. Attendees participating by Conference Bridge:


Steve Brown - CT

George Carbonell - CT

Brian Glancy – RI

Joe Delguidice  – RI

Dave Chase – NH

Lee Savary – NH


Agenda Item 1: Approval of Minutes


A copy of the minutes from the September 12, 2017 quarterly meeting was available to attendees.  Motion was raised to approve the minutes with spelling corrections as noted by Tom Bardwell, seconded by Mark Matson. The minutes were approved by unanimous voice vote.


Agenda Item 2: Acquisition of Four Connecticut Counties from Region 8.


A.   Report by Vice Chair S. Verbil and G. Carbonell:

1.     S. Verbil advised most recent discussions with Region 8 planning committee and local regional entities have not produced any push for this change.

2.     Issue may be the amount of work that would be needed to modify region plans and file waivers, petitions, etc.

3.     Chairman Zarwanski indicated that unless Steve Verbil identifies additional comments from individuals representing the four Region 8 counties in CT, there does not appear a continuing need to pursue this acquisition.


Agenda Item 3: Modification Requests


A.   MBTA:

1.     John Ruggiero advised the proposed new antenna type is approved and will be used at transmit locations where applicable.

2.     Chairman Zarwanski will send approval letter so MBTA can move forward with the licensing process.

3.     Mr. RuggieroŐs will forward Application csv spreadsheet to Chairman Zarwanski as soon as possible.


Agenda Item 4: Window 42 (October 1- November 30, 2017)


  1. Chairman Zarwanski advised the attendees that no new applications submitted in CAPRADAP for Window 42 at this time. Modifications may be submitted at any time.


Agenda Item 5: Window 43 ( April 1 – May 31, 2018  )


  1. Chairman Zarwanski advised the attendees that new applications may be submitted when the window opens in April 2018.



Agenda Item 6: 806 MHz Plan Modification/Review


  1. Chairman Zarwanski updated attendees on discussions with adjacent regions and FCC as to the nationwide effort to update 806 MHz plans.

1.     Region 19 will continue research for 806 MHz plan updates. It is not known which region has the most updated plan on file.

2.     It was noted that FCC updates plans related to administrative issues, such as frequency allocations, personnel changes, etc. but the full plan is not changed.

3.     RPCŐs are waiting for FCC to provide 800MHz Plan clarifications to NRPC and RPC Regions.

4.     RPC technical subcommittee can continue progress with proposed plan modifications as time permits.


Agenda Item 7: Region 8 and 30 800 MHz Concurrence Applications


  1. Chairman Zarwanski advised attendees that the Region 19 is up to date with Region 8 & 30 800MHz concurrences with nothing pending for review at this time.
  2. Region 8 handled a minor modification from Greenwich, CT PD internally.





Agenda Item  8: 806 MHz System Status


A.   Chairman Zarwanski noted that activity to verify allocations found on the 806 MHz database will continue. RPC must validate the use of all built out 800 MHz systems and the frequencies allocated to them.

B.    The Regions are not getting proper notifications of changes from users since they are only filing a notification direct to FCC.

C.    Region 19 needs users who notify FCC of completion of construction should, but are not required, to notify RPC chairman of the build out or system changes.

D.   George C. and Jim K. will review the Region 19 allocations from 2000 to present to verify their buildout (to FCC). Report at next meeting if possible.



Agenda Item  9: Comments/New Business


New Business


A.   Next Meeting date and Location:

a.     The next meeting will be held March 13, 2018 in Maine, location verification to be finalized.

    1. Directions will be found on the Region 19 web site.(
    2. Meeting dates and times for 2018 will be submitted to FCC for Maine (March), Connecticut (June), Rhode Island (September), and New Hampshire (December).


Old Business


Seeing no further comments or new business, Chairman Zarwanski asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion to adjourn by G. Carbonell and seconded by T. Bardwell. All members voted unanimously to adjourn at 11:50 AM.


Submitted - Jim Kowalik – Secretary