New England Region 19 – 700 MHz


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Putney, VT, Volunteer Fire Headquarters



The Chairman George Pohorilak called the meeting to order at 10:10 AM. All members present signed the attendance sheet. Several members called in on the telephone conference bridge. All members present agreed to accept the votes of members on the conference call and consider them present at the meeting.

The Chairman called attention to the passing of Bill Gardner, Chairman of the Region 8, RPUC.

APPROVAL OF MINUTESMoved by Mr. Leary and seconded by Mr. Brown that minutes of the March 11, 2008, June 10, 2008 and September 9, 2008 be accepted. The motion was PASSED by the members present by voice vote.


Connecticut: Mr. Pohorilak reported that two persons have been hired as Connecticut Interoperability Coordinators. Mr. Steve Verbil is working for OSET. Mr. John Gustafson is working for the Dept. of Emergency Management & Homeland Security as the second interoperability coordinator.

The Connecticut Data Network is moving ahead. Various funding and grant sources are being pursued.

Massachusetts: No report

New Hampshire: Mr. Kowalik reports that previously reported projects are moving ahead. The statewide IP Data network is proceeding. An Intelligent Travel network will be developed along the I-93 corridor. It will potentially use the 4.9 GHz band as a transport medium.

Maine: (via conference link) Mr. Poole reported that the RFP for a statewide communications system is now being evaluated. There are three vendor finalists. It appears that a VHF radio system is recommended with microwave links. It will all depend on the final decision of the evaluation committee and system integrator.

Vermont: No Report

Rhode Island: No Report

Region 19 700 MHz Plan:

Mr. Pohorilak reported that the CAPRAD sort results will be accepted with the final repack channel/frequency assignments. Further dispute and plan filing delays would be unproductive. Region 19 does raise questions about the use of “orphans.”

Mr. Zarwanski noted that an electronic 700MHz Plan filing did go to the FCC in late January 2008. The CAPRAD portion of the plan has also been electronically filed so the plan is complete and we are awaiting FCC approval.

Discussion ensued as to the use, combination of adjacent frequencies, and geographic spacing of the assignments.

Motion to approve CAPRAD channel assignments - Moved by Mr. Carbonell to use suggested CAPRAD channels as given in the final list as needed for assignment, with all required engineering studies and regional concurrences. Motion Seconded by Mr. Brown. After discussion a voice vote by members was taken in the Affirmative.

FCC Auction (D Block):

Mr. Leary discussed information he had learned about the progress of the auction and some of the delays that will occur due to the change in administration and the lack of current commissioner(s) membership at the FCC .


The meetings may be reduced to teleconference bridges due to reduced funding.

Regions 8 and 30 Plans:

The 700MHz plans of Region 8 and 30 have also been filed with the FCC. (Noted by Mr. Zito).

4.9 GHZ:

A letter has been received from the Cross Sound Ferry group. The members discussed the appropriateness of granting any support for the project. It was noted that this is a commercial enterprise. It is not known if Region 8 has been approached in the same manner. Mr. Carbonell notes that sections of the letter is taken directly from 47 CFR 90.1203 and 90.523. 4.9 GHz band is not referenced in these citations. Therefore, the claims are moot. Action on the request was TABLED pending further developments. A meeting has been scheduled with the Cross Sound Ferry group.

New Business:

The Chairman indicated he has received a letter from Fairfield County, CT. identifying an intent to apply for 700MHz frequencies. This places the committee on notice.

A request from the City of Boston, MA for support of a waiver from the FCC for use of the 700 MHz frequencies in the D-Block was made. The Committee cannot provide such an endorsement since it has no longer any control of the D-Block frequencies. A motion was raised to TABLE the request. Moved by Mr. Carbonell. Seconded by Mr. Kowalik. Voted by all members present to TABLE the request.


Meeting Adjourned 11:05 AM

Submitted respectfully,

James A. Warakois, Secretary