Meeting of TheFCC Region 19700 MHz Technical Advisory CommitteeTuesday December 9, 2003New Hampshire State Police Headquarters33 Hazen DriveManchester, NH

The meeting was called to order at 10:00am.Present were the Chairman, and Secretary. Attendees signed the attendance roster.

Approval of MinutesThe Chairman provided a copy of the attendance list for circulation and requested all present initialize the list or add their name to the list. He asked that all check their record of attendance and bring to his attention any discrepancies in the record.MOVED by Mr. Leary, and SECONDED by Mr. Welch that the minutes of the previous Meeting, September 9 , 2003 be ACCEPTED. There was no discussion and the Minutes were APPROVED unanimously.

MembershipMr. Kowalik noted that there are changes to the New Hampshire representatives on the committee. The AASHTO representative will be Mr. Dave Chase. Mr. Herrick of NH,Emergency Management has resigned and will be replaced by Mr. Don Keeler. Mr. Kowalik requested the committee add Mr. Don Bardwell of NH State Police Communications for membership/nomination into the committee. His membership would be identified as the New Hampshire Police representative. The Chairman requested a written letter of nomination for Mr. Bardwell, Mr. Chase, and Mr.Keeler from higher administrative authorities in their respective discipline before the committee can accept approval for membership.The Chairman noted various vacancies in the committee representation. He expressed concern that those who are not participating will not reap the future benefits as the committee moves forward. Further contact will be made with the administrations of those entities that are minimally represented on the committee in hopes of increasing attendance and membership.

State UpdateConnecticut - There is an attempt being made to formalize a "State Interoperability Executive Committee". Draft proposals have been submitted. The need for coordination of interoperability is recognized. Progress is being made.New Hampshire - Mr. Kowalik described the "New Hampshire State Police Digital Interoperability Expansion Project". This program will provide an upgrade to the existing infrastructure. The formation of a State Interoperability Executive Committee will allow certain related issues to be addressed formally. After describing the current and proposed statewide system Mr. Kowalik answered specific questions from the group.

NCC Update The Chairman noted that additional funding would be made available to the Regional Committees, as in the past.

FCC Update There is no current news from the FCC regarding 700 MHz activity.CAPRADMr. Carbonell reported that Regional CAPRAD updates would occur.The Chairman noted that further training in the use of CAPRAD could be funded in part by the upcoming Regional Committee funding via NCC.

Plan Development The Chairman noted that paper copies and a CD of the draft have been mailed to all committee members. Corrections were distributed for Section 6. Page 3, (General use)Paragraph one, second sentence, the frequency groups are changed to 6.25 kHz rather than 25 kHz.Mr. Carbonell noted that the "general limits" sentence was omitted during the correction. It will be reinserted in the next printing.Part 1, section 9, page 2 is deleted. It is not applicable to Region 19.Appendix G, page 19, "Rhode Island", change Paul Leary to FCCA inquiry. Delete EMS inquiry reference.Section I, Page 2. Update certain of the contact addresses.The Chairman projected Committee approval of the Plan at the March meeting.Thereafter, the plan will be submitted to the FCC and adjacent regions.

Plan for 4.9 GHz Plan development for the 4.9 GHz band is slowly starting to form. Development of this plan was described as " repairing Humpty Dumpty after he was pushed off the wall." Mr. Derdak questioned the enforceability of a 4.9 GHz Plan after the incumbents are already operating systems.

New BusinessNo new business was introduced.Moved by Mr. Carbonell, and seconded that the meeting adjourn.Meeting adjourned at 11:30 am.Respectfully submittedJames Warakois, Secretary