Region 19 Minutes

700 MHz Technical Advisory Committee


September 12, 2006


Connecticut DOT

280 West St.
Rocky Hill, CT  06067 




Presiding Chairman George Pohorilak,  Vice Chairman Jerry Zarwanski and Secretary James Warakois present.The meeting was convened at 10:00 AM.  All members and guests present signed the attendance sheet. All present introduced themselves. 


Previous minutes:

The Chairman requested a motion to approve the minutes of the June 2006 meeting. Moved by Mr. Leary, seconded by Mr. Carbonell to accept minutes of previous meeting. 


The Chairman requested “the agenda be modified to show this meeting to be the Annual Meeting as constituted". Vote by acclamation to accept the Agenda as modified of the September 13, 2006 meeting. A show of raised hands by the members present approved the change to the agenda.


The Chairman stated that the 700MHz Plan calls for the fall meeting to constitute the annual meeting at which time changes to the board can be instituted. The Chairman asked the members present for nominations for Chairman, Vice-chairman and Secretary.  Moved by Mr. Brown that:  "the present Board of Officers (Mr. Pohorilak, Mr. Zarwanski and Mr. Warakois) be voted to continue in their present capacity for the next year."  Seconded by Mr. Kowalik.  The floor was open to discussion. No further nominations were made. There was no further discussion. By acclamation the three current officers were elected to continue for the next year. The annual election was held.






State Updates:


New Hampshire

Mr. Kowalik reported that training is being received on new equipment.

He described the system features and plans for further equipment additions. Improvements in interoperability provide the State of New Hampshire with increased flexibility throughout the State.


Chief Chris Pope (ret.) is the new Homeland Security Director under the New Hampshire Department of Public Safety. The State Interoperability Executive Advisory committee will serve the State of New Hampshire and merge the functions of various past committees.


The TIC Plan is in development and interoperability issues will be drilled/tested in the very near future.



Mr. Warakois reported that a TIC drill “Operation Poseidon’ will be held in the future to exercise the interoperability capabilities.


Rhode Island:

Mr. Crotty reported that the communications Working Group, with

Howard Boxenbaum as Chairman is moving forward to become the official State of Rhode Island Interoperability Committee.


Mr. Mike Scanlon, a member of that committee, noted that the 800 MHz Committee is moving forward in Rhode Island. Various new agencies/members are joining to become active users on the  statewide 800 MHz system.



Chairman Pohorilak reported that a formalized Connecticut State Interoperability Executive Committee has been constituted.  An advisor communications committee is being formalized with voting and non-voting members. The voting members have yet to be appointed. The appointments are scheduled to be announced shortly.


Mr. Carbonell discussed the development of a wider area system of multifrequency interoperability utilizing the UCAL/UTAC, VCAL/VTAC and 806MHz low power cross-banding plan. The plan is complete, but still needs approval from the Executive Committee. In addition, an RFP is in development for procurement of the required equipment.


The Chairman introduced a new Telecommunications Engineer in attendance from the CT Department of Public Safety, OSET, Mr. John Masciadrelli. Mr. Masciadrelli will assist in the planning and engineering process for 700MHz.



No Report



No Report




A Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) was issued by the FCC requesting proposals for restructuring portions of the 700 MHz band. A presentation by Mr. Sean O'Hara will identify the various restructuring recommendations by various interested parties. Some proposals will add broadband spectrum to the current allocated 700MHz spectrum.




Mr. Zarwanski indicated NPSTC will be holding a three day meeting, November 14, 15&16, 2006, in Long Island, NY. There will be a training session on CAPRAD and TSB-88b on the 14th of November. The training session will be held at no cost. Seating is limited and registration is required. This will be an active session for hands on learning.




No applications have been received to date.



Region 8 700MHz Plan

Mr. Travis LePage representing Region 8 and Region 30 presented an overview of their 700MHz plan. Mr. LePage identified the steps completed along the path toward interregional approval.

Region 8 and 30 requested adjacent region concurrence of their 700MHz plan. Mr. LePage identified the website available to view the Region 8 and 30 700MHz plan. Region 8 Chairman, Mr. Mead was present and also available for questions. Chairman Pohorilak questioned the review and denial/approval requirements of 10 days incorporated into the plan for adjacent state review. Chairman Pohorilak indicated that Region 19 meets on a quarterly basis and distribution of the filing would take several days to committee members. Chairman Meade agreed that 10 days was not enough time for review of a large adjacent region filing. Mr. Meade suggested 30 days and agreed to modify the change with an endorsement from Region 8 membership. The two Chairman's discussed various needs for interregional concurrence. Region 8 had received adjacent region 30 approval and is awaiting Region 28 and Region 19 approval.



Orphaned Channels

Mr. Sean O'Hara presented a scheme for "border conflict resolution",  “orphaned channels", and "channel allotments". Mr. O'Hara also discussed the FCC NPRM that was issued by the FCC requesting proposals for restructuring portions of the 700 MHz band. The presentation identified the proposals from 7 different interested parties. One proposal was to add approximately 6MHz of broadband spectrum to the existing FCC 700MHz allocation. A detailed discussion was held on the issues.



4.9 GHZ

Chairman Pohorilak indicated that the 4.9GHz plan has been filed with the FCC.  The FCC takes no action with the filing of the 4.9GHz plan. Mr. Zarwanski indicated that a copy of the 4.9GHz plan will be mailed to all 4.9GHz licensed holders in New England requesting that they file with this committee before implementation and construction of a 4.9GHz system. Resource sharing is important in the development of an operational 4.9GHz system.



New  Business

Chairman Pohorilak identified the continue need to add to the committee membership. Two individuals from Connecticut would like to join the committee, Mr. Paul Zito and Mr. Scott Wright. The Committee awaits their appointments.


The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 12, 2006 at the New Hampshire Department of Safety in Concord, NH at 10:00am.


With no further business to discuss. A motion was made by Mr. Leary to adjourn. All committee members in attendance agreed.













The meeting was adjourned at 12:10 PM.




Respectfully submitted


James A. Warakois, Secretary







Federal Communications Commission; FCC 06-133, NPRM In the matter of Former Nextel Communications, Inc.Upper 700 MHz Guard Band Licenses and Revisions to part 27 of the Commission’s Rules; WTk Docket No. 06-169.


Development of Operational, Technical and Spectrum Requirements for Meeting Federal State and Local Public Safety Communications Requirements Through the Year 2010; WT Docket No.96-86