Meeting of the

FCC Region 19

700 MHz Technical Advisory Committee

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Kittery Municipal Complex

Kittery, ME



The meeting was called to order by the Chairman at 10:00 AM


Present Mr. Pohorilak, Chairman, Mr. Zarwanski, Vice Chairman, Mr. Warakois, Secretary.

All members present were asked to sign the attendance roster.




Previous Minutes

The Chairman presented the minutes of the previous meeting. Mr. Kowalik MOVED to ACCEPT the minutes as presented. Mr. Brown SECONDED.   There was no discussion.  The minutes were APPROVED by voice vote.





The Chairman reported that there is significant movement within the State of Connecticut to formalize a State interoperability committee.  Numerous representatives of Public Safety groups have been meeting as a subcommittee of the state Homeland Security Initiative. The subcommittee has been involved with distribution of communications equipment and identification of common communications channels.

A new Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management is being formed and will take effect on January 1, 2005.



Mr. Warakois reported that there is activity in the Ad Hoc committee on interoperability.

This committee has reviewed plans to enhance on of the large radio networks in the western part of the State. A frequency in the VHF band has been identified to serve as a local, State and Federal public safety interoperability.


Rhode Island

No report






No report



New Hampshire

Mr. Kowalik reported that a number of Interoperability committees are active with the hope to combine into one statewide committee.  There has been one zone designated for interoperability in the statewide radio trunking system.



Mr. Poole reported that Maine Emergency Manage is setting up three emergency vans to provide interoperability radio communications.  They will be strategically placed within the State.

Maine has hired a consultant to assist identifying statewide interoperability system requirements.


The Chairman reported a news feature broadcast on National Public Radio regarding the positive and negative aspects of interoperability as many define it. He reported that some of the problems will not be the equipment but the ability of the various agencies to work cooperatively with understanding of each other?s unique needs in various crisis.



No update



Most of the discussion is now on the 800 MHz and rebanding. Mr. Kowalik notes that there is some discussion on some of the unassigned 700 MHz adjacent data channels.



Mr. Kowalik discussed materials presented and the APCO conference in Montreal, Canada.  He noted that much of the dispersion of the frequencies in the 700 MHz scheme is based on County demarcation. He states that the 4.9 GHz demarcation will be on the same basis.



The Chairman reports that the Region 19 plan has been submitted to the adjacent Regions 8 and 30 for their review.  He states that there has been no indication of review by those regions.  The Chairman noted that a higher authority should be notified if there is an unreasonable delay.


Mr. Zarwanski noted that the FCC placed a requirement on adjacent regions to respond within a 60-day period.







Mr. Carbonell MOVED that:

If by the first business day of October 1, (2004) no valid correspondence is received from Region 8 and 30 committees regarding the 700 MHz Plan, the Plan be brought to the Federal Communications Commission seeking approval.

SECONDED by Mr. Brown.



Discussion:  Mr. Kowalik MOVED to AMEND the motion to include placing the

700 MHz Plan on the CAPRAD website on October 1 to further publicize the Plan.

SECONDED by Mr. Needham.


Amendment ACCEPTED by voice vote.


The original motion becomes:


            If, by the October 1, 2004 no valid correspondence is received from the Region 8 and 30 Regional Planning Committees regarding the Region 19, 700 MHz Plan.


            Then, the Region 19 Plan will be placed on the CAPRAD website and be brought to the Federal Communications Commission seeking approval.


The Chairman called for a vote on the amended motion. The amended motion was unanimously PASSED by voice vote.



New Business

The Chairman noted that Mr. Carbonell would be reimbursed for the annual expense of the Committee web site.


The next meeting will be held December 14, 2004 at the Rhode Island Office of Emergency Management, Cranston, Rhode Island.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:13



Respectfully submitted,


James Warakois, Secretary